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Truck Accidents - Citizen's Rights

Jul 23, 2010 @ 11:48 PM — by Mitchell Proner

The road can be a very scary place what with some 6 million accidents occurring on our nation's highways every year. There are many contributing factors for these automobile collisions, with the primary catalysts being drunk, drowsy or distracted driving as well as good old mother nature.

In regards to commercial vehicles, there can be a variety of reasons why truck accidents occur as well. For example, some truckers may take drugs or sleeping aids to help them pull through a long cross country haul. Despite their rationale, such actions produce the very opposite effect, impairing reaction times and judgment. Consequently, these supposed aids often end up causing more harm than good, resulting in debilitating truck accidents.

Another hazard that can be just as deadly as sleepy or wired truckers, is placing a driver behind the wheel of a semi without adequate training.

A Lack of Training Can Maim and Kill

Unlike a passenger vehicle, commercial trucks require a skill that simply cannot be picked up on the fly. Indeed, you will have to take a rather lengthy course to know how to handle several tons of speeding juggernaut on a daily basis. Understanding for example, how to stop on a a steep incline can mean the difference between getting to one's destination on time and crippling truck accidents that cost billions in property damage and leave families reeling from sudden medical or funeral costs.

The Company's Responsibility

Sending a trucker on his way with a lack of training is not only irresponsible it can, in some cases, result in legal action being brought against the commercial vehicle establishment. This is because it is the company's duty to ensure that their driver's operate in a safe and conscientiousness manner. Doing so safeguards their employees as well as the general public.

When a lack of training is behind truck accidents, victims and/or their families can litigate and recoup financial damages for their loss.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney today

At Proner and Proner we understand the complicated ins and outs of truck accidents caused by a lack of training. By calling us to get your free legal case review today, you could be well on your way to receiving justice after a debilitating truck accident leaves you and your loved one on the brink of financial disaster.

Contact us today to set up an in office consultation and learn more about your rights regarding commercial truck accidents caused by a lack of training.

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