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Auto Accident Witnesses

Jul 18, 2010 @ 05:21 AM — by Mitchell Proner

What a Witness to an Auto Accident Should DoYou're standing on a street corner minding your own business when you witness a horrific car crash. You pull your cell phone out and immediately dial 911, hanging around to see if everyone is okay. After the smoke clears however, you may find that your responsibilities as an auto accident witness may not end there. Auto accident laws often vary from state to state, but in many instances, witnesses may be obligated by law to testify in court, especially if they are subpoenaed. In these types of legal matters, the auto accident witness can mean the critical difference between justice and a guilty suspect getting away with a crime. This is why many states make witness testimonial mandatory. A witness can also aid an auto accident lawyer in acquiring financial reparation for a victim that has been seriously injured in an accident. This kind of assistance will help the victim and their family stave off financial ruin when medical bills start to mount.

Changing facts or covering things up will only hurt the accident victim’s case.

Other Auto Accident Witness Responsibilities

An auto accident witness has a moral, ethical and legal incentive to come forward if they were at the scene of a car crash. They must also be sure to provide legal council with their statements and first hand accounts, leaving nothing out. Witnesses should endeavor to remain consistent. Changing facts or covering things up will only hurt the accident victim's case. Being dishonest in court also has many legal repercussions, including perjury, which is a felony. Such laws were designed to ensure that victims as well as suspects receive a fair and balanced trial. Witnesses should also:

  1. Return lawyer calls promptly -- time frames can be critical when it comes to filing court documents.
  2. Show up on time for court dates -- holding up the court cost taxpayer dollars as well as valuable time
  3. Do not skip court dates -- the victim is counting on you to ensure they receive justice. When they are being represented by an auto accident lawyer, your assistance can help them obtain needed compensatory damages for their injuries.

Last but not least, an auto accident witness has to ensure that they always conduct themselves in a orderly an respectful manner in the court room and out.

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