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Motorcycle Accidents - Helmet Laws

Jul 11, 2010 @ 05:32 PM — by Mitchell Proner

Helmet laws vary from state to state but in New York and surrounding cities, you are required by law to wear protective head gear while operating a motorcycle. Sadly, it is for this very reason that bikers who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident where they were not wearing a helmet do not file a claim. These types of accident victims believe that they won't be awarded compensation because they were breaking the law by not wearing a helmet in the first place. While it is true they were essentially operating their bike illegally, they can and should receive compensation for their injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Rights

Accident related treatments can culminate in astounding medical costs after a serious motorcycle accident. The victim of a motorcycle accident has every right to receive financial reparation if the accident wasn't heir fault, even if hey were not wearing a helmet. Now of course, this all greatly depends on the circumstance of your case, but even if you share some blame for the collision, motorcycle accident victims can be compensated via a comparative liability claim.

... accident victims believe that they won’t be awarded compensation because they were breaking the law by not wearing a helmet in the first place.

Insurance Companies will Mislead You

Do not truest the insurance adjuster. They could lead you to believe that you won't win a lawsuit because you were not wearing helmet. This would make any offer presented you appear to be very tempting--almost fair. Don't fall for it. Contact a reputable personal injury lawyer and get the facts.

Proner and Proner can help

At the law firm of Proner and Proner we care about motorcycle accident victims and can help them even if they were not wearing a helmet during the time of the crash. Contact the law offices of Proner and Proner today to speak to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer about your case and learn what you can do to receive financial compensation for your motorcycle accident related injuries.

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