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Car Accident Injury - Closure

Oct 30, 2009 @ 08:55 AM — by Mitchell Proner

Most of us will probably be in an auto accident of some sort in our lifetime, in fact, statistically speaking, the odds are 100 percent. The majority will be minor fender benders and the type of thing you can walk away from with tiny cuts and scrapes.

Unfortunately for thousands more Americans, the traffic accident will leave them with lasting scars that will not heal over time. Some of these accidents will culminate in brain or spinal injury. Others will involve life long paralysis, an amputation of a limb or the start of a horrible, degenerative disorder or condition caused by bodily trauma.

Whatever the outcomes, serious injury incurred after a car accident will forever change the lives of accident victims and their loved ones.

Alarming Numbers

There are over 6 million car accidents annually in the US. Of this number, over 40, 000 are killed and 3 million injured. Of that three million, a great majority will sustain the kind of serious injury that will take years to correct—if it can be corrected.

Financial Burden

Because serious injury requires lengthy treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation, the economic repercussions are tremendous. Many people in this situation have lost their jobs, wages, homes and life savings after an accident that resulted in crippling injury.

Even those with a substantial nest egg can see it dwindle down to non–existence in a short time after a debilitating wreck.

Emotional Tolls

The uncertainty coupled with new and challenging roles (a child having to be a caregiver, or a spouse having to care for a brain damaged partner) can leave families shaken and torn apart.

In some cases, the victims personality alters to where they lose their job or their loved ones. This is most of the case with brain injuries, as this type of damage can alter a person’s behavior. People who were once kind and open may become belligerent, paranoid and closed.

In the end, those involved in as serious car accident could end up losing everything both financially and emotionally.

Getting Back on Track

Fortunately a person who has been hurt in a serious accident can find legal recourse via a personal injury lawsuit.

Via personal injury litigation, the victim and/or their family members can pursue the negligent party in court for financial compensation. The compensation will not only help pay medical related costs but may in fact supply a remedy for lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

If you or someone you care about has been seriously harmed after an auto collision, contact the law offices of Proner and Proner today. Our Manhattan law firm is experienced in personal injury cases and knows what it takes to prove your case in court.

You and your loved ones deserve a fair chance after a serious accident causes financial and emotional issues. Take back control of your life and your destiny today. Contact the law offices of Proner and Proner for a free consultation and protect you and your family’s financial future.

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