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Car Accident versus Truck Accident

Oct 22, 2009 @ 09:04 AM — by Mitchell Proner

Whether they are barreling down the road behind you or racing alongside on the way to a target destination, we have all seen the behemoths known as eighteen wheelers. Intensely massive, commercial trucks are necessary components of American life, delivering goods where they are needed all over the country.

Unfortunately, car drivers that are involved in an automobile accident with a semi are more likely to be hurt, even killed. This is because the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck can make it something of a speeding Juggernaut under the right set of circumstances. If the truck jackknife’s, more than one car could be swept into the melee, causing a pile-up.

This does not mean that a car vs. commercial truck collision is always the fault of the truck driver. Indeed, truckers are trained on how to handle their rigs and drive often enough to know how to handle the roads.

Even so, there are numerous factors in which a commercial vehicle driver is the main contributor to the accident. There are many reasons why a car vs. commercial truck accident occurs, with the most common causes being:

  • Inclement weather – icy roads, snow, rain, sleet, hail—all of these can spell danger for semis and hapless passenger car drivers. It is best not to go out in stormy weather condition if it can be avoided—however, truckers may not have that luxury and will have to be out no matter the weather.
  • Speeding – Many truckers will have their pay reduce or could have cash incentives for getting their loads to their destinations on time. This in turn could cause them to speed, especially if they are behind schedule. In their haste, drivers of big rigs may inadvertently cause an accident. Consequently, they lose the very time they are trying to make up.
  • DUI – Drinking or the abuse of drugs while behind the wheel of an 80, 000 pound vehicle is never a good idea, and yet some truck drivers will do just that. Many drivers abuse amphetamines in an effort to stay awake during long hauls. Others may have a problem with alcoholism. No matter the underlying cause, people are seriously injured in a commercial truck accident that is fueled by substance abuse will never be the same.
  • Drowsy or distracted driving – many states have stiff laws in regards to the hours of consecutive driving that a rig operator can indulge, with the median being ten hours. Still, in a push to get from point A to point B, truckers will forgo sleep using sleep aids to stay awake. They may not succeed and can fall asleep at the wheel, causing a wreck. Drivers may also be distracted by using their cell phones and CB radios while on the road as well.

If any of the above scenarios are the reason why you or a valued family member was injured in an accident, you can pursue the matter in civil court.

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