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Lane Sharing and Motorcycle Accidents

Oct 19, 2009 @ 09:57 AM — by Mitchell Proner

To date California is the only state that legally recognizes lane splitting, also know as lane sharing, a practice that allows a motorcycle to share a lane with a passenger car. Motorcycle riders insist that the practice is safe because there are many stipulations that coincide with this particular traffic law. For instance, a motorcyclist is supposed to use the practice only in heavy traffic conditions and at a certain speed.

It also decreases the number of deadly motorcycle accidents when seasoned riders obey the common sense aspects of lane sharing proponents insist. This is because bikes are on the side of vehicles and can’t be sandwiched between two larger automobiles, a sure recipe for disaster. Bikes also have to keep moving otherwise they will stall out due to engine cooling issues.

Traffic also becomes less congested because the space that a bike would take up and a car can occupy the area. It is because of these inherent advantages that lane splitting is becoming a concept that other states are considering.

Is Lane Sharing a Dangerous Practice?

Texas is thinking about following California’s lead for the above reasons, but opponents of lane sharing fear that the elephant in the room is the inherent danger of the practice. Arguments for engine cooling and traffic alleviation aside, there have been some motorcycle riders who were killed in lane sharing accidents.

The recent deaths of two motorcyclists in Orange County has made the topic even more hotly debated. Passenger car drivers argue that many bikers are not obeying speed limits and traffic restrictions. They also indicate that they have missed exits because a motorcycle was riding along besides them. These individuals see the practice as unsafe and want it banned from the California roads.

Unfortunately, there are no recent statistics on the safety of lane sharing that would make the case either way, but suffice it to say tensions are high on both sides.

What we do know

Current statistics do indicate that in a car versus motorcycle accident, the passenger car driver is at fault. They most often do not see the biker or fail to yield the right of way. A great majority of these accidents happen at intersections as well and usually due to the right of way issue.

The result is devastating injury and even death. In either case, family members suffer and financial stability is threatened.

What you can do

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault do not suffer in silence. While there could be some animosity towards car and motorcycle riders, this will not justify negligent behavior that lands you in the hospital. You can and should receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Contact the law offices of Proner and Proner today for a free case review and see how we can help you obtain reparation after a car accident changes your life.

You and your family deserve compensation after a motorcycle accident places you at the brink of economic disaster. Do not go it alone.

Call the Manhattan law firm today and get the money you need to secure your future.

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