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Auto Product Liability

Oct 14, 2009 @ 09:11 AM — by Mitchell Proner

All consumers put their trust in items that they buy, with many taking the time to comparison shop before making a purchase. This is why it can be doubly distressing when something we have spent money on does not perform as promised. In many of these cases, this fact will be little more than a minor annoyance, which may be corrected with a simple exchange.

In some cases however, a defective product can result in injury or death. For example, an electrical item with a fault could cause a fire that causes death or the loss of irreplaceable property. Circumstances can become even more grave however, if the fault resides in an automotive vehicle, as such a scenario puts the lives of not only the driver but other motorist in peril.

Defective Auto Parts can Maim and Kill

Every year there appears to be some kind of recall on a product that was made to benefit the public. When the recall involves a car, truck or commercial vehicle it can be very alarming since a car can become a vehicle of mass destruction and injury under the right conditions.

Imagine, for example, driving down the road and the brakes or engines fail or seize up—the unlucky driver could very well find themselves wrecking their car and potentially hitting others automobiles in the process.

This is why it behooves automakers to ensure that their cars not only get people from point “A” to point “B”, but that they do so safely. When they fail to protect consumers, they have not done their jobs. This makes them not only negligent but susceptible to lawsuit under product liability laws. When someone dies as a result of this negligence, the case could then involve the parameters of a wrongful death lawsuit as well.

What is Defective Auto Part

Legally, a defective auto part is one that, by design, fails to do its job properly or operate in a safe manner. There was famous case of an auto manufacturer whose engines would explode and catch fire upon collision. This was particularly dangerous in that it often engulfed the car in a matter of minutes. This meant the driver and or passengers had very little opportunity to get out in time to save their lives. The auto was recalled, but the injured and surviving family members were able to file product liability lawsuits against the auto maker.

If the part is essential in maintaining a cars roadworthiness and safety, then it needs to work as intended. Brakes, engines, steering columns, alternators, all these things should perform to industry standard. When they do not and a fatality or crippling injury occurs, the manufacturer can be sued for their negligence.

Been injured by an Auto Maker’s Recklessness?

Then we at Proner and Proner can assist you. Call us today for a free case evaluation and learn what your legal options are.

You put your trust in a auto manufacturer who failed to live up to their end of the bargain. Don’t let them get away with it while you deal with a debilitation injury!

During the consultation you can look into all your various legal options in regards to product liability and or wrongful death litigation. Get the law on yours and the compensation you deserve.

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