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Types of Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Oct 9, 2009 @ 09:11 AM — by Mitchell Proner

By legal definition, a wrongful death occurs when an individual dies an otherwise preventable death. Unlike a death by natural causes, a wrongful death is often a result of someone one else’s negligent or careless actions.

Below is a listing of some of the more common types of wrongful death cases, which includes but is not limited to:

Product liability

Product liability wrongful death cases are those in which a consumer or other user purchased or utilized a product that was defective in some way. This defect is usually the cause of the individual’s death. A prime example of this would be a traffic fatality that happens as a direct result of a serious auto malfunction, like a loss of brakes. If this flaw can be show to be a direct correlation to the accident, the automaker could be held accountable.

Of course, there are numerous consumer products that can end up being defective and causing injury or death. When this happens, injured parties or surviving loved ones can pursue the matter in civil court.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents can be severe enough to permanently injury or even kill victims. By legal standards, a slip and fall is when someone hurts themselves or receive a fatal injury after falling and sustaining the damage. This fall can occur for a number of reasons but is most often due to the second party negligence.

Related injuries, like a head injury after a fall from a great height, can also result in death. When this happens, relatives of the deceased can pursue the matter in court to receive financial renumeration. This can also be categorized under premises liability if the accident happened on commercial or residential property.

When a fatality occurs in any of the above instances, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against the accountable individual, company or institution.

Medical Malpractice

An average of 98, 000 Americans are killed annually due to improper surgical techniques, misdiagnosis and the basic ineptitude of certain medical practitioners. Among these deaths, 7,000 are due to medication errors. Because we trust doctors and rely on their expertise, a death at the hands of medical professionals can be especially difficult to bear. It is because of this that medical establishments be held responsible when a death occurs due to malpractice.

Work related

Cleaning up hazardous chemicals, electrocution, burn injury – these are some of the ways a person can die while on the job. When someone is injured and subsequently dies while at work, loved ones should investigate the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit. This makes it possible for them to receive reparation for their loss and motivates companies to keep their work environments safe.

Auto accident

The most common preventable death is by car accident, where in most cases, a driver was behaving negligently prior to the crash. It is estimated that over 45,000 traffic fatalities occur annually with roughly 18,000 of them being DUI related. Cell phones, rubbernecking and general driver distraction are also a culprit in such cases.

Seeking representation

No matter how a loved one dies the shock and pain can be overwhelming, however, when the death was preventable it can be specially heartbreaking.

If someone you love has been killed in an accident, contact the Manhattan law firm or Proner and Proner today for a free case evaluation. The seasoned team at Proner and Proner understands the intricacies of wrongful death litigation and will fight to make sure you and your loved one receive justice.

Call today and obtain the financial compensation and closure you deserve.

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